Residents of Canada - Mail/PH - 7 Cents a Record - 5000 Min.

DNC Scrub done at no charge - Minimum 5,000 Name Order

This list offers the most comprehensive list of RESIDENTS OF CANADA.
It also offers the most comprehensive list of database products for its
class of list.

In addition to offering Canadian Resident Names, Addresses, Phone
Numbers and Postal Codes, this list offers various household and
record specific trailer information, including second head of household, White Collar, HHI, Type of Dwelling and Others.

The household/record specific information have been built through
the development of a masterfile from many direct response lists
and various databases.

Demographic information (Age Range, Income Range, etc) as well as
some affinities (that are not available through household/record specific
information) have been appended through geodemographic overlays.

RESIDENTS OF CANADA can build a prospect database using your
existing customers by identifying the closest residential neighbors.
This is conducted on a 6 digit postal code basis (about 20 houses).
There is no processing fee (just a select fee) for this type of order.


BC 15.9% MB 3.4% ON 35.1% NB 1.2% NS 1.9%
AB 11.8% SK 2.7% QC 26.7% NF 1.0% PEI 0.3%

E-Mail $50.00 F