Second Chance Lottery Players - Canada

It offers Canadians who have played various government run lotteries including various numbers lotteries, various instant/scratch tickets, various sports wagering games. Individuals have filled out personal information on an entry form and have mailed or dropped off the form with the required non-winning tickets for a second chance drawing for prizes including: Consumer Electronics Goods, Personal Communications Products, Various Gift Certificates, and a Grand Prize of Football Championship Trip including Air, Hotel, Transportation, Party Passes, and Game Tickets.


This list updates quarterly.

Province $15.00/M
Postal Code $15.00/M
Phone Numbers $100.00/M
Last 3 Months $15.00/M
Product Purchased $20.00/M

5000 Minimum Order

Toronto Area $40.00 F
Other Areas $50.00 F
Abroad $100.00 F

E-Mail $45.00 F