About Us


West List Brokerage - We have been developing DM programs from all angles. We understand that we need to deliver value for your marketing dollars. Our primary goal is to develop a strong understanding of your budget, audience, business and sales cycle. All these factors will enhance our ability to deliver a successful program to meet and exceed your expectations.
Email - info@westlists.com

Canadian Direct Marketing

Canadian List Brokers - We are focused on providing accurate, up todate lists that will help your marketing piece reach its intended audience.

Data Append

We can append missing information to your list such as, e-mail addresses, phone or fax numbers. We will ensure greater connectivity with current and past customers. RTS waste of DM budgets.

Lettershop Service - Printing

We can help with all of your lettershop service requirements; whether you need inserting, ink jetting, tabbing or a polybag for your offer, we will deliver your piece to the market. We can assist you with any step of the lettershop process.

Data Processing

Data Processing is not something that should be taken lightly. It is an essential part of the DM process. We run your list in order to analyse, sort disseminate, and store the data correctly. Trusting us with your list lets you be sure you're not sending multiple pieces to the same person.