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How it works

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business. There are caveats with this statement. First, you must clearly understand who you want to speak to and what you want to communicate to them in order to get the desired action. The most common reason for a program not being happy with an email list rental is they don't know what they wanted to accomplish with the blast. There are many reasons to do a blast; communication, new client acquisition or make a sale, driving leads for further steps or simply to create a warm follow up call. All of these are can be achieved in varying degrees.
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Let's further understand how we can help you rent or purchase an email marketing list. West List Co. is your email list broker; we learn about your target audience and then use our expertise to recommend lists that may work in marketing your product or service. When renting a 3rd party list, we usually are unable to take possession of the list. The 3rd party publisher will usually require prepayment for the blast and it is done sight unseen. They will also provide tracking of open rates, click rates, links tracking and opt out requests. This tracking will be done for about 2 weeks after the blast. If West List is capable of providing you the list you need, we can usually give you a sample of the data. Provide the sample test blast and tracking that any third party publisher would. What will you need to know about your audience in order to get the best list possible? If it is a B2B email lists, you will title or job function, industry, company size or revenue and geography. This should give us enough to give you options for your list. If you are doing a B2C or business to consumer blast you will need to know more demographic information. This would include household income, age, gender, geo and any other determinants that may help target your prime audience.

After we have chosen your list we will need the following information in order to blast your message.
1. TEXT and HTML copy of your message.
2. Any images that are to be included.
3. Prepayment
4. Approval of the test blast for both the TEXT and HTML copies.

As a list broker we are not responsible for the results that the blast produces. Email marketing is not a guaranteed method of marketing your business. When done properly it is more efficient than traditional DM, but with so many lists available it takes time and testing to weed out which lists will and won't work for your offer. If you are a savvy list email marketer than you will know this already and should be very prepared to understand the results your program produces. I do get a lot of questions about email marketing and how it compares to traditional mailing, faxing and telemarketing programs on a dollar for dollar basis.

What are the costs?

Here is a breakdown for each method of marketing and the cost per piece.
EMAIL MARKETING COST EVALUATION: Mailing Program Printing Cost = $0.40 to 0.60 a piece depending on the piece List Rental = $0.11 to $0.17 per name Postage = $0.22 to 0.46 - Unaddressed to Addressed Letter shop, Etc - $0.05 to 0.10 per piece Total cost per piece $0.90 to 1.15
Fax Program List Rental Cost - 0.12 - 0.15 Per number Broadcast Cost - 0.07 - 0.09 per piece - 70 to 90 dollars per thousand. Merge Purge for DNC numbers - 20 to 30 dollars per thousand. Total cost for a blast done in decent size should be 25 to 35 cents a piece.