New Parents of Canada

$260/M Mailing - Email Available

The Canadian New Parents Database is one of the largest new parents databases in Canada.

There are many sources of the records including:

Ballot Boxes in Doctor's Offices and Pre-Natal Classes, Contests, Childcare Information Requests, Children's Safety Products, Maternal Clothing, Children's Clothing and Toys, Educational Products, Pre-Natal Clinics, Subscriptions, Surveys, Marketing Research Questionnaires and Various Children's Savings Programs.

If you have a baby product and are looking to reach New Parents, we have the largest file of new and expecting parents in Canada. This file is cross referenced which ensures tremendous quality.

All parents are between age 19-45
Average household income is $58,000+
List owner ultimately decides the price point based on the competitiveness of the offer.

286,529 identified English.
36,963 identified French.

English French
Prenatal 3685 1124
0-1 Months 6859 1241
2-6 Months 87586 9527
7-9 Months 78543 9857
10-12 Months 7658 8572
1-2 Years 105327 8659
2-3 Years 109657 10895

List is updated monthly.
Inquire for pricing for research projects.
168,000 e-mail addresses.

PROVINCIAL BREAKDOWN: BC 10% SK 7% ON 51% Maritime 7%
AB 9% MB 7% QC 9%
LIST SIZE MIN ORDER BASE COST /M: 496,575 5,000 $260.00/CDN
SELECTS COSTS: Province $15.00 /M
Postal Code $15.00 /M
Age of Child $15.00 /M
Last 3 months $15.00 /M
Age of Parent $15.00 /M
House Income $15.00 /M
Number of Children $15.00 /M
Source $20.00 /M
Internet/Computers $20.00 /M
Phone Numbers $200.00 /M
Prenatal Records Inquire
Language $15.00 /M
Last 1 month $45.00 /M
E-Mail Inquire
First Child $20.00 /M
SHIPPING COSTS: Toronto Area $40.00 F
Other Areas $50.00 F
Abroad $80.00 F

E-Mail $50.00 F