About Us

List Brokerage

West List Brokerage - Through our thorough list evaluation of your needs, we will determine the best way to market your product or service and help you identify the best list for your direct marketing campaign. We offer telemarketing lists, fax lists, direct mail lists and email lists. We are results oriented and look to grow mutually beneficial relationships
Email - info@westlists.com

List Managers

West List Management - West List Management offers list management services for select list owners. Our goal is to aid publishers in the profitability of their businesses. We keep your data safe and market it to direct marketing professionals in the list industry. We will promote your list to businesses, agencies, list brokers, consultants, and others looking to rent mailing and marketing lists. Through this partnership, West List Co. Inc., has been able to add a steady stream of income to all our list owners. If you are interested in offering your list for a fee, or if you have a proprietary database that you feel may be valuable, please contact us for more information.
Email - info@westlists.com

Email List Brokerage

As your email list broker we will recommend the best lists to help you reach your target audience. We perform a thorough evaluation of your needs and assist in the building of your list program.

Consumer Email - This is a group that is very sensitive to spam. As a result, we only use reputable third party services that have full optin from all recipients. As an advertiser, there can be back lash for spamming. Business Email - b2b email lists are a terrific way to build presence and warm calls for your sales reps.